Suuma&B10 Projects is designed to develop transformative projects, entrepreneurship, and interentrepreneurship, led by people who are convinced that collaboration and cooperation are key factors in determining success.

We love the freelance concept and we do our utmost to contract with small and medium-sized enterprises, freelancers and entrepreneurs, both in relation to structural elements and project-related work.


Like the industrial revolutions of the past, the current digital revolution, based on the 24/7 connectivity between people, machines, and organisations, brings with it, at company level, a radical change in the way we should conduct our relationships with business partners, customers, providers, associates, collaborators and competitors.
At Suuma, we believe that adaptation to this new digital era, from an organisational point of view, is based on three transformational levers.
If you would like to find out more about a different kind of partnership model, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!


What beliefs do we work with at Suuma?


What beliefs do we work with at Suuma?

We work on specific projects that support the strategic development of organisations.

We believe that simplicity in definition and implementation is a successful formula for achieving results.

We believe that one of the keys to being competitive is cooperation based on expert knowledge. The organizations that build up a knowledge network and teamwork are the ones that achieve their goals.

We believe that corporate transparency means behaving in our organisation in a manner which is beneficial for all those with whom we interact as well as for ourselves.

Developing projects: Concrete Behaviours



Our projects

A quick view of what we do

Our projects

A quick view of what we do

DNA Projects

“DNA Projects” are those that enable us to develop our ideas, our beliefs. They are the projects that are designed to guide company steps along the paths we have pictured, that ensure that we keep our entrepreneurial focus and market orientation at all times.

Huh! Project for retail
Food&Land Lovers
Global Jump


¿How do you name a project?

This is rarely an easy job. At Suuma, as often happens when you start out, we were ambitious. We used to try to give projects a name that was not only creative but that enabled us to identify more closely with our clients. We failed. Before long, our creative skills failed us and we started naming projects in a way that was as unattractive for us and our clients as the following example:


Thankfully, we were not satisfied with this and began to think about what source of names we could use that would help us to strengthen our ties with clients. We eventually decided to use star names, and as a result, unless the client has another name in mind, all our projects are named after a star.

Here are some of them!

GID 2016


Areas of cooperation

Our vision

Areas of cooperation

Our vision

Our areas of cooperation are born out of our knowledge, our personal and professional experience, and our specific preferences. We´ve identified three of them below, although we occasionally work in other areas of cooperation, which we might cover in the future.

 Entrepreneurial Approach

We are involved in the development of certain concepts which we believe are important and have strategic value, but which are often put on the backburner and sidelined. Business is not usually affected in the short term, but we believe that in the medium and long term, the development of these initiatives could define the distinguishing elements of the organization and its ability to compete.


We love working on projects related to the development of advanced internal networking models as a means of acquiring knowledge, and anticipating and seizing opportunities. As we have said before, we consider it “impossible” to meet the challenges faced by companies in an increasingly global world alone.

Developing an “International Mindset”

It would be difficult to explain and impossible to understand if we told you that we weren´t passionate about providing a global, international approach to the areas in which we work.  We don´t place any geographical limits on business development, but we do identify some major internal limitations for the adoption of a wide-ranging approach to the concept of internationalisation, which goes beyond the simple “export” model. We also have our own “formula” here. It´s not magic but it works.

As we are closer to the “Freelance” than the “Consultancy” concept, we work in every possible way to ensure the optimum development of the project in question.


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